Each question group has an array of questions that has a:

  • name: string

  • questionGroupId: number

  • id: number

  • order

  • type: any(example: number, input, cascade, text, date, etc)

  • tooltip

  • required: can be either true or false



You can add a new question by clicking on the ADD NEW QUESTION button.



  • The question name can be updated by replacing the default name on an input field.

  • The question type is updatable by selecting one of the types on a dropdown.

  • A variable name can be added by filling an input text.

  • You can fill the question tooltip.

  • If you’d love to set a question as required, checking the required checkbox does so.

  • Additionally, double entry of an answer can be required.

  • You are also allowed to choose either hide of show string/password.

  • Once editing is done, options are for you, cancelling or saving your updates.

Setting question

Skip Logic

  • This Skip logic has two dropdowns that are selectable:

    • Dependent to question which can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon.

    • Logic.

  • There is input that you can fill to add a value.

  • Then, you can choose to either Save or Cancle or updates.

Skip Logic

Dependent questions

Once a dependent question is added, a list of dependencies are shown.

Dependant questions


A question can be copied by clikin on the COPY QUESTION HERE

Setting question


A question is deletable by clickon on the Trash icon.

Delete questions